Advertisers and consumers
We offer a completely new medium to advertisers looking at innovative ways to reach new consumers. The travelling passengers represent a huge business potential in this hitherto untapped segment. Advertisers on Go TV will be able to reach out to the typical traveling audience which is primarily SEC A and B and aged between 21 and 50 years. 80% of these are men and mostly working professionals, a difficult to reach segment for most advertisers. A total of 15 minutes of advertisements will be permitted for 45 minutes of entertainment every hour.

Benefit to Advertisers
• Reach up to 35,000 transit passengers in a day and up to 1 million passengers in a month
• Access to large number of passengers with no access to a remote control
• Higher levels of ad recall value than any of the other medium
• Highly selective content and most cost effective method of advertising

Benefit to Consumers
• Wholesome entertainment during travel at no additional cost
• Exposure to socially conscious content/ news
• Technically advanced display screens with automated audio system for high quality entertainment
• Intimation before station arrival

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