The Partners

At TranzVision, we believe in having a win-win partnership with our stakeholders, that is, the Indian Railways, our advertisers and our consumers to achieve our shared goals.

Indian Railways
Our tie-up with Indian Railways provides 24" and 26" screen LCD/LED displays in Shatabdi coaches for the exclusive entertainment of the passengers traveling between Bangalore and Chennai. Each coach is fitted with two ultra thin screens which are custom made, with high resolution and adjustable stereo systems. A total of 20 screens will be installed and integrated with the GPRS system to provide complete infotainment.

Benefit to Railways
• A new option for entertainment/ news to passengers
• An additional source of revenue to Railways
• Go TV can be used for delivering rail related events, news, and information on cleanliness and awareness programs
• Go TV will intimate passengers on approaching stations through GPRS tracking system
• Cost will be controlled due to zero cost LED/LCD TV installation, repair and maintenance and insurance by us
• Modern LED/LCD TVs will improve look-feel of the trains, will be easy to use with automated Start Stop facility